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Volume 43 (2009), Issue 1


The Prehistory of the Silk Road E. E. Kuzmina Victor H. Mair

Philip L. Kohl

Page 73 - 74

Kinship in the Altaic World. Proceedings of the 48th Permanent International Altaistic Conference, Moscow 10-15 July, 2005, Asiatische Forschungen, Bd. 150 Elena V. Boikova Rostislav B. Rybakov

Daniel Prior

Page 74 - 75

An Islamic Biographical Dictionary of the Eastern Kazakh Steppe, 1770-1912: Qurbān-'Atī Khālidī, Brill's Inner Asian Library, Volume 19 [Qurbān-'Alī Khālidī] Allen J. Frank Mirkasyim A. Usmanov

Daniel Prior

Page 76 - 77

Art and Archaeology of Afghanistan: Its Fall and Survival, Handbook of Oriental Studies, Section Eight: Central Asia, Volume Fourteen Juliette van Krieken-Pieters

Michael Frachetti

Page 78 - 79

The Holy Land Reborn: Pilgrimage and the Tibetan Reinvention of Buddhist India Toni Huber

Federica Venturi

Page 79 - 81

The Divine Nature of Power: Chinese Ritual Architecture at the Sacred Site of Jinci, Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series, 62 Tracy Miller Tacy Miller

Federica Venturi

Page 81 - 82

Reinventing the Wheel: Paintings of Rebirth in Medieval Buddhist Temples Stephen F. Teiser

Brian Baumann

Page 82 - 84

Landscape and Power in Early China: The Crisis and Fall of the Western Zhou, 1045-771 BC Feng Li

Charles Sanft

Page 84 - 85

Death by a Thousand Cuts Timothy Brook Jérôme Bourgon Gregory Blue

Benjamin E. Wallacker

Page 86 - 87

China's Legal System: New Developments, New Challenges, The China Quarterly Special Issues, New Series, No. 8 Donald C. Clarke

Benjamin E. Wallacker

Page 87 - 88

Wandering Spirits: Chen Shiyuan's Encyclopedia of Dreams Richard E. Strassberg

Brian Baumann

Page 88 - 90

Situating of the Uyghurs between China and Central Asia Ildikó Beller-Hann M. Cristina Cesàro Rachel Harris Joanne Smith Finley

Thomas Hoppe

Page 90 - 92

Early Christian Remains of Inner Mongolia: Discovery, Reconstruction and Appropriation, Sinica Leidensia, vol.88 Tjalling H.F. Halbertsma

Denis Sinor

Page 92 - 93

The Jacquinot Safe Zone: Wartime Refugees in Shanghai Marcia R. Ristaino

Thomas D. Curran

Page 93 - 94

At the Crossroads of Empires: Middlemen, Social Networks, and State-Building in Republican Shanghai Mara Dillon Jean C. Oi

Thomas D. Curran

Page 95 - 96

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