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Recommend Journal of Asian History

Journal of Asian History

Edited by Dorothee Schaab-Hanke, Achim Mittag and Sebastian Eicher

Publication: 2 issues a year or a double issue 
ISSN: 0021-910X
e-ISSN: 2747-4267

The geographical scope of the Journal of Asian History is as vast as Asia itself. Its historical scope encompasses all periods, with a focus on the time before 1900. It is the editors' hope that contributors will freely develop the “Through the Looking-Glass” aspect of history by implementing a variety of methodological approaches and utilizing a wide range of textual and non-textual sources. In particular, we welcome explorations of particular phenomena or events that provide insight into the dynamics of historical processes, elucidate historical change at turning points of history, and illuminate the conditions of everything that follows them.

The journal publishes contributions in English. It is peer-reviewed.

Current Issue

Issue 1-2 / 2023