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Zhongguo yanhai jiangyu lishi tulu 中国沿海疆域历史图录. Edited by Fang Kun 方堃, Wang Ying 王颖 and Liang Chunhui 梁春晖 (editors and authors). 7 vols. Hefei: Huangshan shushe, 2016. Note: The individual volumes, all hardcover and all with colored and black-and-white illustrations, give the year 2017 (not 2016) as date of publication. The collection is divided into four parts (not numbered), each with a subtitle, separate pagination and a separate ISBN number: (1) Zongjuan 总卷 (=2 vols.), [4]+18+4+499 p.; ISBN 978-7-5461-6225-6. (2) Huang Bohai juan 黄渤海卷 (=2 vols.), [4]+18+3+553 p.; ISBN 978-7-5461-6228-7. (3) Donghai juan 东海卷 (=2 vols.), [4]+18+3+491 p.; ISBN 978-7-5461-6227-0. (4) Nanhai juan 南海卷 (=1 vol.), [4]+18+2+189 p.; ISBN 978-7-5461-6226-3.

Roderich Ptak

Seiten 197 - 200

DOI https://doi.org/10.13173/jasiahist.54.1.0197


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